Zonas activas, sin zonas inactivas: Las mejores prácticas para el diseño de sitios inalámbrico

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Hotspots, not Notspots
Las mejores prácticas para el diseño de sitios inalámbrico

In a world of increasingly consumerised technology, the importance of world-class corporate wireless network design is easy to overlook.

However – as this white paper explores in detail – IT professionals need to get to grips with a broad range of technical, cultural, and security issues when designing and implementing a wireless network, or upgrading/replacing existing infrastructures.

With new high-speed standards in place, new regulatory challenges, and a millennial culture that demands the fastest and most seamless access, the wifi network should be at the heart of planning for the future.

But what tools can help you meet all these challenges?"

BYOD Meeting the Network Challenge


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