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Internet de cosas que desatado

It’s not enough to just know what IoT is and to accept that it’s on its way to a network near you. You must prepare. The most reaching effects of IoT will be the technical challenges around device density & security and the costs associated with device management. Both will necessitate significant technical and policy changes. A lack of preparation could result in a long struggle to catch up, exposing your organization to unnecessary costs and risks. The tidal wave of IoT devices will dwarf current BYOD challenges, and yet IoT issues will not replace BYOD, but instead will be added to them.

The expected ~10X increase in device count will cause pain for infrastructure vendors, application vendors, and end users until the effects of IoT are well-managed in your unique environment. It’s important to know which vertical markets will be hit first and hardest by the IoT onslaught, so if you find yourself in one of the early-hit markets, you should understand your time-to-pain calendar now.

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