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In our recent survey of 3,000 network professionals, 82% of respondents ranked network and application performance as a concern or a critical issue, and 52% said that a network management system has insufficient capabilities to get to the root cause most or all of the time. However, packet analysis can provide too much information, requiring considerable skill and time.



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Reduce the risk of network and application performance issues

Your How-to guide to optimising network performance and minimising downtime


The Business Value of Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management Solution Brief
The business value of performance management Data Sheet


Maximising ROI from data center virtualization and consolidation through end user performance management

This White Paper examines the challenges of managing performance in a consolidated and virtualised environment, from obtaining the data for management and business unit reporting to ensuring applications deliver on agreed SLAs.


The new equation for faster IT problem-solving

This White Paper examines the need for Network and Application Performance Monitoring and how it helps organisations to optimise the performance of business critical applications while speeding up network and application trouble-shooting and minimising downtime.


Free Aberdeen Whitepaper - Network on a Wire

Learn how leading businesses are gaining increases in network performance with live monitoring.


Best Practices for Troubleshooting Remote Site Networks

This whitepaper discusses challenges and best practices of remote site networks


On-Demand Webcasts

Did you miss out our webcast? No Problem! Download our latest on-demand webcasts at your convenience

Maximise ROI on data center consolidation and virtualisation

In this webcast we'll explain the potential benefits and how to achieve and measure them, with useful advice whether you’re helping to build a case for consolidation, have already begun the project or are managing the results.


How to speed up network problem-solving

Learn where performance problems may hide in your network, a four stage process for problem-solving and how to narrow down the issue at each stage for faster MTTR


The Principles of Managing VoIP performance in Corporate Networks

In this webinar we will explain the principles of VoIP performance management. It looks at the reasons quality issues occur and presents a systematic process for tackling them, as well as looking at network optimisation and user education.


Solving performance issues faster with Network and Application Performance Monitoring

In this webcast we'll explain how Network and Application Performance Monitoring works and the benefits it offers, with useful advice to help you build a business case if you think your organisation could benefit.



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Take Control of Your Network

Don't let wireless, BYOD and Voice over IP bring chaos to your corporate network. Take control of your users and their apps with NETSCOUT.


Looking for some Network Inspiration?

Visit out webpage for refreshing video's on, for example end-to-end visibility, VoIP, 802.11ac and actionable analytics.


Optiview® XG Product Review

Mike Pennacchi of Network Protocol Specialists, provides a short review of the OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet.


An introduction of the TruView™ Appliance

Truview™ is a unified application and Network Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting Appliance that Solves Problems fast


The Business Value of TruView™

An animation video that explains the business value of TruView™


An Introduction to OneTouch™ AT Network Assistant

See how OneTouch™ AT can provide one-touch network performance troubleshooting from the client to the cloud in 60 seconds!


Validating High-Speed 10Gig Connections

Almost-insatiable hunger for bandwidth from users, devices and applications can push a network past its limits. If you’re using 10Gig, are you getting what you’re paying for?


Software Demos


ClearSight™ Analyzer Trial

Proactively identify and find sources of RF interference


Free Hardware Evaluations

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TruView™ Virtual or On-site demo

TruView delivers real-time performance monitoring and detailed performance troubleshooting. The TruView solution is delivered as a single, unified, preconfigured appliance designed for rapid deployment.


OptiView® XG - Free demo

The OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet raises the bar for analyzing and troubleshooting performance problems fast, saving you time and money, and taking your efficiency to a new level.


OneTouch™ AT - Free Demo

Experience 60-second client-to-cloud troubleshooting on your wired and Wi-Fi network for Free.






OneTouch™ AT - 60 second Troubleshooting


OptiView® XG - the Network Engineer's tablet

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