Visual Performance Manager & TruView MPLS + AppsIntegrity

Hoja de datos: Visual Performance Manager and TruView Advanced MPLS with AppsIntegrity Package (SKU 01849)

Visibility into applications response time from the network with from Layer 1 to Layer 7 with packet capture and end to end SLAs. Capable of running in a VMWare environment.
Key Features:
  • The “everything but VoIP” software bundle for application aware network monitoring for remote sites and at the edge of the network at the data center.
  • Real Time Auto Application discovery within AppFlows.
  • Server Connect Time measurements indicating the maximum performance of a local network and server at a remote site or a data center. This shows the LAN is the issue or not enough memory or processing available for the server. The network is deemed innocent.
  • Server Response Time measurements indicating the maximum performance of a server under a real load. The server is the issue causing processing delay and application response time issues.
  • Pro-active application alarms of New Applications and Servers and Rogue Applications on your network.
  • Pro-active automatic baselining of applications usage, application server usage, and application server response usage above thresholds.
  • Auto discovery of servers at remote locations.
  • Auto discovery of “Other IP Flows” identifying local and remote ports for custom application monitoring.
  • Includes all features and functionality in the bundled package “Advanced MPLS” (SKU 01654)
  • Includes all features and functionality of the following components: Service Summary, Network Troubleshooting, Back in Time, CoS, Traffic Capture, AppFlows and AppsSummary in one convenient SKU.
  • Packet capture on demand, by a trigger, or on a schedule
  • Clear demarcation of ownership between the Local Exchange Carrier, the Service Provider, the customer edge router owner, and the application owner
  • Class of Service validation and continuous monitoring
  • Time synchronization views across all levels and back in time

Enterprises derive significant value from the deployment of remote access technologies such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), cloud, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, VoIP, Video, and IPv6. However, managing the performance of new technologies presents significant challenges as limited bandwidth and competition with mission critical applications represent substantial hurdles to application performance using the current network infrastructure.

Fortunately, the TruView Branch hardware or virtual version of the "Advanced MPLS with Application Integrity package provide cost-effective visibility into the network performance at local and remote sites. This solution enables IT managers to identify bandwidth utilization with Top Talkers while also having end-to-end Service Level Agreements (SLA) with an onsite, on-demand packet capture utility for advanced diagnosis.

There is no need to blame the network anymore and waste precious troubleshooting time opening and closing tickets with No Trouble Found. The burden of proof for the network administrator provides the necessary data to the Application team to solve intermittent and real time issues quickly and succinctly.

The Advanced MPLS Package with Application Integrity (SKU 01849) combines the following time synchronized, software packages:

  • Service Summary- service health and real time SNMP pro-active customizable events
  • Network Troubleshooting – real time 1 second monitoring
  • Back-in-Time- two weeks of troubleshooting and 1 years of reports
  • Traffic Capture – packet capture when you need it
  • Class of Service- validation of Class of Service Settings
  • AppFlows-auto discovery of server connect time and server response time measurements
  • AppSummary- enterprise wide application reporting and alarming

The software is capable of running in a virtual VmWare hosted environment providng visibiilty within virtualized environments. Finally, a solution showing what the traffic is doing internally. All feature and functionality that was is available on the TruView Branches are available within a VM environment.

Application aware network monitoring

With the network released from the burden of proof (via the Advanced MPLS package (SKU 01654)), the network manager can concentrate on providing detailed analysis to the application teams showing them the slow Application Response Time and the Clients that are affected.

Proactive application alarms automatically identify when Rogue Application (like unauthorized IPv6 traffic), New Applications (like FileShare) and New Application Servers (like unauthorized NetFlow collectors) show up on your network.

Automatic baselining of your applications allow for quick identification of application usage growing (like FTP), or strategic individual application server usage growing (showing server load balancing is out of whack), or mission critical Application Server Response Time issues moving beyond the internally agreed upon application SLA threshold value for remote users.

In addition, to supporting the application infrastructure from a network perspective, remote servers are discovered, grouped and categorized for inventory purposes. Understanding the number of Servers at Remote Locations allows for proper security and bandwidth allocation to be enabled.

Understanding how many different application servers are using your network and where they are located allows for proper network right sizing and quick comparisons of proper load balancing techniques.

Real Time AppFlows:

The remote site AppFlows provides on demand 5 second refresh of the actual customer traffic running on the network when you need it. The client identified talking to the remote host with the known application while validating the CoS and VLAN configuration without the use of NBAR or NetFlow. VLAN visibility within a virtualized data center is auto discovered and monitored in real time and back in time.

Traffic Capture

The "Advanced" portion of the software allows for packet capture to be utilized in real time as needed to support the VoIP team at all remote locations. Once an application, a server, a VLAN, or a subnet has been isolated utilizing the proactive performance events, and reviewed for patterns over the last two weeks with back-in-time, a capture can be triggered or filtered on, for advanced troubleshooting analysis. Whether you want to isolate on the IP address of a phone to see all the call traffic, or on an application, or on a server supporting a service, the packets will always be available to you when troubleshooting to root cause. Having a packet acquisition tool within a VM environment allows application engineers the visiblity and data needed to solve isolated issues.

The Details: SKU 01849 Advanced MPLS with Application Integrity Package

The Advanced MPLS with Application Integrity package includes Service Summary, Network Troubleshooting, Back-in-Time, Traffic Capture, Class of Service, AppFlows and AppSummary within any of the Analysis Service Element (ASE) hardware components, or on a virtual instance of the software within VmWare, Riverbed RSP, or Cisco SRE cards.

  Advanced MPLS Package
(SKU 01654)
Advance MPLS with Application Integrity
(SKU 01849)
Advanced MPLS with VoIP Integrity
(SKU 01923)
OmniPoint Element
(SKU 02224)
(SKU 02226)
Service Summary Included
Network Troubleshooting
(SKU 01611)
(SKU 01612)
Class of Service
(SKU 01614)
Traffic Capture (optional) (SKU 01613)
(SKU 01837)
(SKU 01834)
(SKU 01920)

*AppsIntegrity is the combination of AppFlows and AppSummary. AppSummary requires AppFlows.

**VoIP software module with OmniPoint only available on Analysis Service Elements

What is TruView Branch?

TruView and Visual Performance Manager are flexible solutions that can scale to help the largest enterprises, carriers and managed service providers decrease the cost of performance management, increase revenue, and optimize utilization of existing assets. This is accomplished by enabling IT organizations to become a source of competitive advantage, not a cost center, by providing actionable visibility into a centralized integration point for managing applications, VoIP network and server performance across a complete network.

Software Maintenance

Each hardware ASE is managed remotely by the TruView or Visual Performance Manager. Maintenance is dependent on the software module purchased. For more detailed maintenance information, visit Inside Sales at the number below.

Professional Services

Professional services are available for installing, maintaining and customizing your solution your ASE hardware and TruView and Visual Performance Manager solution. For more detailed professional services information, visit

Ordering information

For more details, please contact NETSCOUT at 1-844-833-3713 (US), 1-978-320-2150 (Outside of US) or go to

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