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Major U.S. Pharmaceutical Company Relies on nGeniusONE to Identify Source of DNS Failures and Resolve Network Slowdowns


Desafíos de negocios

  • Users frequently calling helpdesk to report network performance degradations
  • Third-party service provider was only instrumented to show red light and green light conditions, leaving them blind to slowdowns and disruptions
  • Without the right tools to see network problems, IT lacked ability to pinpoint the root cause


  • Deployed nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform with customized dashboards and workflows
  • Created custom definitions for mission-critical applications and service enabling protocols
  • IT Helpdesk gained visibility into performance degradations, enabling rapid remediation

Business Value

  • Pervasive visibility ended frustrating finger pointing and held service provider to contractual service obligations
  • Improved end-user experience and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced performance degradations and downtime for revenue generating applications and services
  • Delivered custom reports, improved cross-team collaboration and sped up the identification and resolution of impairments

nGeniusONE Delivers Pervasive Visibility, Enabling
Reduced Performance Degradations and Downtime
for Revenue Generating Applications and Services

Customer Profile

This global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical organization is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of prescription pharmaceuticals in several therapeutic areas, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The company has more than 25,000 employees and earns billions in revenue each year.

Desafíos de negocios

For this major pharmaceutical organization, network and application performance is crucial to ensuring a good customer experience and maintaining Federal Drug Administration (FDA) compliance. Unfortunately, end users were repeatedly calling the helpdesk to report performance degradation issues. When IT conveyed these issues to the third-party service provider, where services had been outsourced, they insisted all systems were up and running properly. The service provider, who was only instrumented to show red light or green light conditions, was unable to detect chronic application slowness.

Lacking the tools to see the problems, IT and the service provider were unable to resolve the issue and a time-consuming exercise in finger pointing ensued. Application performance failure in the data center was risking lost revenue and FDA fines.


As a long-time customer, the pharmaceutical organization turned to NETSCOUT’s state-ofthe- art technology to monitor their critical service enablers and business applications to eliminate network slowdowns and outages.

This pharmaceutical company has broadly deployed NETSCOUT solutions in their data center and regional offices. The nGenius® Packet Flow Switch is providing access to the traffic in network and passing it to the InfiniStream® appliances with groundbreaking Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology. Analysis is being provided by nGeniusONE for service assurance of their customer-impacting applications and services.

NETSCOUT Solution in Action

This Pharmaceutical organization had an extensive existing deployment including multiple nGeniusONE licenses, InfiniStream appliances for data collection, and nGenius Packet Flow Switches. The InfiniStream appliances and nGenius Packet Flow Switches were instrumented both in the data center and in the branch offices to ensure seamless end-to-end visibility of all traffic flows. The IT staff configured custom application and service definitions for critical service enablers such as global web and DNS services, which they used to create custom dashboards and workflows to use as they troubleshoot issues with service performance.

These customized dashboards and workflows enabled IT staff to view performance degradations by region and precisely pinpoint where problems were occurring. These issues were previously undetected by the service provider’s monitoring. Armed with these critical insights, the IT team was able to identify specific issues and actionable items for escalation, allowing them to remediate and resolve ongoing complaints.

Business Value

The NETSCOUT solution allowed the IT team to identify the source of network degradation, which gave them the information they needed to decisively go back to the service provider to remediate and resolve the issues.

nGeniusONE delivered significant benefits, including:
  • Pervasive visibility ended finger pointing and held service provider to their contractual service obligations
  • educed performance degradation and downtime for revenue generating applications and services
  • Delivered custom reports, improved cross-team collaboration and sped up the identification and resolution of impairments
  • Improving end-user experience and customer satisfaction
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